Friday, February 5, 2010

Savannah Roundhouse Railroad Museum Experience

Savannah Roundhouse Railroad Museum Experience

In the mid 1800s Georgia needed an avenue of transport to move goods from the center of the state to the Savannah Port.  Although, a canal was discussed it was ultimately decided that a railroad was the best choice.  By 1843, one hundred and ninety miles of rail were in place and the rolling stock included 50 locomotives and 500 cars.

All I could think of when I saw this engine was "The Polar Express."

All of these engines, miles of rail, and cars required lots of maintenance.  This smoke stack released the smoke from the blacksmith building.  It was when this stack began to disappear that the people of Savannah knew they needed to preserve this historic site.  Someone was stealing the old Savannah brick, which is prized for its color, to build new structures.

The heat inside of this building, as the blacksmiths did their work, must have been oppressive.


My girl, painting her engine.  For her, field trips do not get any better than this!

Maybe after this trip when they read of the industrial revolution, civil war, or coal powered engines, it will take on new meaning.  I can only hope.  I do know we all enjoyed the day.

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