Wednesday, October 6, 2010


 Storybird Collaborative storytelling

Every now and then I find a website that makes me think that the internet can have a positive impact on the world.  Recently I stumbled across  This is one of my new favorite sites and my hat is off to its creators.  If you are an illustrator or like to write you will not be disappointed with what they offer.  

They call it collaborative storytelling and the basics include picking illustrations, adding your story line and then sending it to another who does the same and sends it back to you with another page of the story completed.  You continue this back and forth until the story is complete.

Children could send it to a friend or grandparents and write a story together that they would cherish forever.  A parent could write one with a spouse for their children.  The possibilities are endless and your imagination will definitely get stretched.
To learn how it works click here:  
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