Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Owl Mini Study

After my experience with the Eastern Screech-Owl in the backyard I was inspired to do some reading and teaching on this unusual and intriguing bird.  (You can read about that here.)

I have a few websites listed below if you’d like to jump on board with me.
This site is so full of information that we could spend a week studying from it and not cover all it has to offer.  The physiology section is crammed with slideshows of owls capturing prey, outlines of owl talons, eyes, skeletons and reproduction.  It is packed with knowledge.  Have you ever considered owl mythology or art?  This site has it all covered.
For information on owl pellets and why they are important to study:
Conclude your owl study with this owl cam:  (But if you leave it running and the sound is up on your computer you may here men talking in your house late at me when I say that can be very alarming.)
I hope you enjoy these sites and happy owl learning.

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Liberty said...

Bookmarking for later - we are visiting owl this winter. Thanks for sharing! Visiting from Science Sunday :)

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