Sunday, August 7, 2011

Our Home School Room...I mean Chests

I know that many people have organized their school supplies, sold last year's curriculum, purchased new books and back to school supplies, and their school room is in spic and span condition.  I am not an organized person, and after many years of teaching I just don't get that uptight about getting everything ready for the new year.  Plus, we aren't going back to school for a few weeks.  So, I have time.

But, I did want to share my HomeSchool Chests.  We have a relatively small house and there isn't a whole room that I can dedicate to teaching.  In a lot of ways, I wish there were.  I'd cover the walls with maps, timelines, charts etc.

I moved this tall chest from our bedroom to the corner of our dining room, which we use for school.  Luckily, the chest has three large drawers, and we have three children to teach.  The oldest is in college.

Each child keeps his books and notebooks in his drawer.  The middle holds staplers, flash cards, blank paper, hole punch...basically all of those things you need in a classroom.

What doesn't fit we store in this small dresser, on the other side of the room.

Seriously though, before the year starts we'll sort through this and get our "stuff" together.  These two pieces of furniture and an extremely long dining room table work very well for us.  One of the elements I like the best about this system is that all of our materials are out of site, when we clean up for the day.  Bookcases can be very unorganized in appearance.  This is made only worse when young people are pulling books on and off of them, all day.  By putting the main texts that we use in these drawers I am able to keep the bookcases in the living room far more tidy.

If you are like me...completely unorganized and embarrassed at the state of your home school supplies let me hear a word from you.  Don't leave me hanging!  I need to hear that you appreciate that I have aired my dirty laundry here.

Happy Day!

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melismama said...

I wish I had a chest of drawers to put each child's stuff in! I love that idea. We are not back to school FT until after Labor Day...stopping by to say hi!


Kelly said...

Girl you stock up!! Nice.

Becky said...

Don't you worry... I'm glad to see another mama who doesn't have an "interior decorated" homeschooling room! :-) Actually, that gives me a great idea for that extra drawer set that is holding my linens... surely I can put those extra sheets somewhere else...

Savannah McQueen said...

Kelly, I only stock up on certain things. Obviously, I can only afford to buy what I need, given the small area I have to work with! Thanks for stopping by.
Becky, Oh Yeah... Put the linens in a box under a bed. Glad you like the only took me ten years to figure this out!

Ticia said...

Way to go on getting it all organized! I'm super impressed.

Samantha said...

The chest of drawers is genius! I have the issues with our bookshelf that you mentioned - mostly because of the 1yr old. I'm working on getting organized but my office is a total wreck. And my office is where the bulk of our stuff is.

fixedonHIM said...

What a stash of school supplies! They can become so addicting to buy when they are so inexpensive this time of year.

Dawn said...

I love your use of space! I think you have a great system going on. Completly agree those bookshelves do get messy!

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