Thursday, October 13, 2011

Colonial Williamsburg

On this trip to Richmond I decided that since we were only an hour away from Williamsburg that we needed to take a field trip.  I was in no way prepared for how much walking I would do while visiting there, but the experience was like traveling back in time.  If you home school your children they offer a 50% discount off the regular adult price of $34 and the kids price of $18.  

After purchasing the tickets there are two options.  You can take the shuttle to the entrance of Colonial Williamsburg or you can walk there, which takes you through the historical farm.  Had my feet known how much walking we would do that day I would have jumped on the shuttle.
The farm has corn, tobacco and cotton growing as cash crops.  The kids explored the tobacco barn, slave quarters and visited with the chickens and hogs.  My feet were still asking why we didn’t take the shuttle.

I had been informed that I didn’t want to miss seeing the governor’s palace so that was our next stop.  The building was beautiful and the kids’ favorite section was the garden.  I was impressed with the swords, daggers, pistols, and rifles that lined the walls of the foyer.  Upon arriving at the house in the colonial days, you knew that the governor had the might of the king behind him, that’s for sure!

And if there was any confusion as to his authority this plaque on the rear wall should have cleared things up for you.  Don’t you have one of these on the back wall of your house?  

On that note, my feet informed me that it was time for lunch.  We headed down the green in front of the palace and dined at a local tavern.  After lunch we visited the silver smith shop, the fine dress maker, apothecary, and the print shop.  At this point me feet had located a shuttle stop and inquired as to whether there was an additional fee to use it.  Upon learning that it was included in the price of our ticket, they rejoiced.  

At 4pm the streets began to fill with colonists who were mumbling about the stamp tax and a few loyalists in the crowd were sparring with them.  Eventually all the tourists began to line the streets and watch the show.  My feet directed us to an empty spot on the curb where we were able to sit and watch the re-enactment.

When my children lost interest we shuffled down to the old capital building, and I was very pleased that the shuttle was just a few more steps away from this last stop.  It was a great day.

My review of this field trip:
  • Wonderful presentation by the performers
  • Very educational
  • Walk if you have time, but if you feet threaten to riot you can always hop on a shuttle.
  • Food is expensive and only moderate in quality.
  • You can rent a period costume for your children to wear but I found they were over priced.  If you know you are going I would suggest creating your own.
  • Home School Days for 2012 are February 11-26 and Sept 8-23.  For more information about this click here.
I give this field trip 4.5 starts out of 5, due to the costly costumes and the over priced food.

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