Friday, October 21, 2011

Top Five Things I Like About Home Schooling This Week - A Home School Blog Hop

It has been a recovery week, here.  After a whirlwind trip last week, I am tired and one of the kiddos has caught a cold.  We are working on getting back to normal and I expect that next week I'll feel back in control.  In my world, it is all about control.  When I am running things I am on top of my game.  When they are running me...let's just say it isn't pretty.

What do I like about home schooling this week?

1.  Vacationing - Our trip to Virginia and Washington D.C. was very unplanned and we only had a few days to prepare for it.  When your children are taught at home it is a lot easier to choose to leave for a week. I adore this freedom and we learned so much on this voyage.  For instance, we mastered how not to ride an elevator.  If you missed that post you can read more about it here - A Tale of Motherhood.

2.  After School Activities - My son is playing football this year.  I remember when my older boy played and how difficult it was to get his home work done and cook dinner, after practice.  Now when we leave for football all of his school work is done for the day.  And on days that I am organized, which is not the week after a quick vacation, I can put dinner in the crock pot while doing school in the kitchen.

3.  Physical Education - I adore doing this with my children.  This is a time where we are all alone and able to really enjoy talking and not being interrupted.  I would never be able to have this time if my kids were in school.  This week I took a two mile walk with my oldest daughter and ran three miles with my oldest son.  And they proposed that we begin to prepare for a 5k next spring.  

4. Life Experiences/Lessons - One of the greatest parts about home schooling is being able to customize the lessons to the situations that come up in life.  After trekking all over Washington DC last week we learned a poem about George Washington and there have been many discussions about the colonies and the Revolutionary War.

5.  The I-Get-It Moments - My youngest daughter is learning to read and it is not going as easily for her as I would like.  What she lacks in skills though, she makes up for with tenacity.  She never seems to get discouraged and all through the house and in the car, we hear her trying to read and spell words.  This week she had an I-get-it moment during her phonics lesson.  Those are the best.  As a teacher and a mother, nothing makes me feel more joyous than seeing excitement because a child suddenly understands a new concept.  It makes all the sweat and long days worth while.

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