Tuesday, November 8, 2011


A few months ago I happened across a great website for elementary worksheets.  Many times I find that sites that offer these kinds of materials do not organize them efficiently, or the pages themselves are not sequential or well planned.  SuperTeacher has mastered both of these skills and they have a large index of worksheets available.

Here are the elements I have used with my either my ten or six year old:

Phonics Worksheets - They are concise, the images are easily identified, incremental in advancement and yet challenging at each level.  My girl is learning to read and these have been a great reinforcement and practice tool.

Geometry and Multiplication - I think this might be the best source for free geometry worksheets that I have located on the internet.  Again, there are many offered at the same level, and then they gradually increase to become more challenging.   The graph paper behind the math problems is a wonderful addition, as it helps to keep the digits in the proper column.

States and Capitals - This has been our sole source for learning the geography of the states, and the capitals.

And for the specific state you live in there is a 5 Page State Report Project to complete.  We will work on this after the 1st of the year.

In the future I intend to use their writing prompts, spelling pages, and downloadable books.
If you are looking to enhance your curriculum or you need to find all of your school at no cost, take a moment to check out this site.  
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