Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Day Worksheets - Writing Prompt Blog Hop

I guess I am a no-frills kinda teacher and mother.  My kids tell me all the time that I lack all imagination.  Since I was shocked at the power of a holiday worksheet I think they may be right.  I have learned that having a heart around your math problems and cupids in the corner of your writing prompt worksheet is a a great motivator.  They smile when I hand these out and they run through their assignments.  Now I may lack in the creativity department, but when a child learns a skill, or reinforces one that was previously taught, it does not go unnoticed.

So, when the holidays roll around, whether it is Groundhog Day, St Patrick's Day, or Valentine's Day I look for worksheets that focus on skills they need to be brushed up on.  Here are a few that I've found for February 14th.  If you have some of your own please add the link in the comment section.

School Sparks - This is a great source for ages 3-7 years.  I found these site cards and beginning sounds worksheets worked very well for my wee girl.

Various Holiday Worksheets - TLS Books - This site offers many worksheets for the various holidays.  Scroll down and the Valentine's Day worksheets are clearly listed.

ABC Teach - This page has a vast selection of worksheets and many target the older elementary student.

Coloring Pages  - Just a perfect site to print heart, cupid etc. for coloring purposes

Weekly Home School Writing Prompt and Blog Hop

1. School on the Run - Do you utilize time spent riding in the car or during a siblings ballet practice to teach your children?  How do you organize this and what subjects do you find work well on the run?

2. Family Game Night - What game has your entire family enjoyed the most?  Do you have games that can be played during school?  If so, which ones educate enough to be school worthy?

3. Valentine's Day Worksheets or activities - Where do you go for fun holiday worksheets that involve hearts, candies, cupid and roses?  Do you have any crafts planned?  Baking ideas?

4.  Children's Magazine Subscriptions - How many do you have?  Which do you enjoy the most?  Will you be giving any for Christmas and if you could only give one, which would it be?

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