Friday, March 16, 2012

Fun Learning Site: Quizlet and HS Writing Prompts and Living LIfe Blog Hop

If you go to the store in search of flash cards you will probably find a few standard packs that offer math facts or phonics, and sometimes there are even sets on US presidents, geography, or state capitals.  How often can you find flash cards that offer information on the Bill of Rights, fossils or Ancient Egypt? has done to flash cards what the Kindle did for books.  Visit their free site and there are endless numbers of topics displayed in and index card fashion, and if you are subscribe for $15 a year you can add you own cards.

First you learn the information.

And then you can choose to play a few games or work on your spelling of the terms.  Then it is test time.

There are too many subjects to list them all but here are a few:

Make sure and check out all the titles at Quizlet.  I am looking forward to using this site to reinforce the facts of our studies and I suspect that others will find it very useful, too.

Now on to the blog hop...

This weekly blog hop is for all posts of you living life as a home school family, or if you are suffering from writer's block choose one of the writing prompts and link up those posts, too.

Writing Prompts - March 16

1.  Home School Fill-In - Fill in the blanks, add a picture and post it.

Some days I_________.
I adore  ________ but________.
Home schooling ___________ and _____________.
If I could change one thing__________.

2.  What went well? - Look back over the week and share what was a real success.  Did a child score well on a test?  Did a new curriculum or approach reach the desired results?  It is good to take a moment and look back to review.  Many times we forget that we have made progress.

3.  Schedule - Did you change anything up and find it was a success?  Did you implement a whole new schedule?  Are you thinking that you need to?  If so share your ideas in a post, or share your problems and ask for help.

4.  Finish any or all of these questions: This week I am happy to homeschool because..., I am reading..., This weekend I/we are..., For St. Patrick's Day we are celebrating by..., For our Easter meal I always or will cook...

Savannah McQueen is the author of Hammock Tracks which includes Savannah's Savory Bites - dedicated to recipes and cooking with simple ingredients, Hammock Track Tales - a photographic journal of our life on the hammock, and Hammock Home School - includes editorials, book reviews, and educational link posts.  You can follow Savannah on Twitter and Facebook.

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