Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Candy Store

I've taken the kids on a lot of field trips...

And in the process they have learned a great amount relating to science and history etc.

Despite that, I think our 30 minute tour of River Street Sweets in Savannah has been their favorite.

I can see where dipping marshmallows, or anything for that matter, in a large vat of chocolate would be quite memorable.  

And this taffy stretching machine was quite mesmerizing.  

This 98 year old taffy cutting and wrapping machine was the coolest...

And my mind was racing with thoughts of what I could do with this mixer.

They left with smiles on their faces.

And visions of Candy Land in their heads.

All chocolate and sugar joy aside, this taffy machine was very cool.  Take a minute and watch this old style candy making in action.

Have you ever been somewhere that allowed you to see food being made the old fashioned way?
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