Monday, April 12, 2010

Math Mammoth

While looking for some practice pages I stumbled upon Math Mammoth.  I am very impressed with this program.  
There are two elements:

1.  The Blue Series which is a comprehensive grade level curriculum
2.  The Light Blue Series which is topic review - fractions, money, clock and more.

Both can be purchased in three ways - pdf download, CD, and hard copy.
The author, Maria Miller, has provided placement tests so you can determine where to start your child.  Math Mammoth covers grades K-5 and she is working on grade 6 to be completed this year.  If your child is in kindergarten Ms Miller has a guideline of topics to complete in order to be prepared for 1st grade math.
There is a link on her page that allows you to download about 300 free math worksheets.  This curriculum is priced very economically and if you purchase the PDF or CD it can be used for each of your children.
Check it out -

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