Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Liberty's Kids

Very few people would argue the importance of being relevant when teaching.  
PBS has taken this principal to heart with the creation of the Liberty’s Kids video series which brings the American Revolution to life.

If you have a netflix series you can watch them instantly and here is a kid friendly site to explore afterwards.
Another free and wonderful website to follow up with is Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government.  This is Ben as in Ben Franklin and the content covers grades K-12.  
Kindergarden includes Ben’s ABCs, symbols of the U.S. and games and activities for that age group.  As children progress through the years they can return to this site and learn the branches of government, state versus national government, citizenship and the election process.  
There are plenty of U.S. government web links also provided here.
So check it out and I hope this helps you cover the American Revolution and American Government with your kiddos.

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