Monday, May 24, 2010

Constitution for Kids

Whether you are studying American History or Government it is good to be able to adequately explain our constitution.  Cathy Travis has made that a very easy task with her succinct explanation of this historic document with her book, “Constitution, Translated for Kids.”

Each page in the book is divided vertically.  On the left side of the page is the original document and on the right it is translated into more modern terms so it is more easily understood.  Whether you are teaching your children or just want more information yourself this book is a must have.

Additionally the back of the book contains a glossary, an explanation of the three branches of government and system of checks and balances, and the electoral college.

I highly recommend this purchase for a thorough understanding and in depth study of our living Constitution for kids in 5th grade and up.  I do not remember how I stumbled across this great book but I am very glad I did.  Tomorrow I will feature some picture books about American Government that are geared more toward the elementary years.
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