Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Crusaders

We are spending the summer completing book two of Story of the World, the medieval period.  This is easy to do over the summer because my eight year old thinks it is great fun and not really work.  The baby on the other hand loves school and is quite willing to work all summer long.  On Fridays we get together and complete fun activities.

Here they are in crusader cloaks.  I think they are getting into their roles.

If you notice the pouch on a string around their waists those are for their pennies as crusaders didn’t have pockets in their cloaks.

If you have not ever heard of Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer you should look it up.  Great summer fun could be had with this series on world history.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Savannah...I think it's great. I sent the link to my sister. Her daughter Lindy who is 9yrs old loves this type of history especially when she can reenact it. Last summer she went to a summer camp that took the kids to an old school house called Lone Valley School. The day camp program was called Farmer Boys and Prairie Girls. I'll email you the sister also made the dress shown in the picture. - Amy

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