Thursday, September 2, 2010


If you are like me and think that post cards are fascinating, you like to collect stamps, or meet new people then you should try out this very cool website -  A few of my fellow home educating mothers, who are the coolest women I know, informed me of this site.  And the reason I claimed to join it was so that my kids could use the experience to learn more about geography but the truth is I really do like post cards and I am thoroughly enjoying sending this exchange.  
How it works is that you either print your own cards or buy some at the gas station, wal-mart, or book store and then mail them to your first five recipients.  When they receive their cards they will log into the site and verify arrival.  Then you will be able to start receiving your cards from other random members.  This is not a pen pal system, although, you can keep up with those you have posted to online, if they choose to allow that option.  For your information, I have learned that postage for any card sent internationally costs $.98.  So far we have sent to Germany, Russia, Belarus, Thailand, Ukraine, Netherlands, and the Czech Republic.  
Hope you enjoy and I'd love to hear that you joined.

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Mamma Mia said...

My boys are having a blast receiving and sending postcards from all over the world using Postcrossing. They have fun trying to see who can find the country we're looking for first, which is really fun for parents to watch since they are 4 and 2. Who knew that just the mention of Belarus could make little boys jump and shriek with excitement?

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