Friday, January 21, 2011

Creative Writing

It isn’t very often that I can truly say that the internet is an asset to the world.  Yes, it helps us track packages, maintain checking accounts, read the news, and complete college courses.  Before the invention of the web we were able to do all of those things, just a bit slower.  Recently, I stumbled upon a web site that truly offered something a bit new.  It is a site that allows children to “build” their own comic strips electronically or on paper.
What a great way to build creativity and writing skills.  Here are some samples of the electronic comics.

The page offers frames and images.  The cartoons can be turned in many directions with multiple hand positions and outfits.

Then word bubbles are added.

When the story is complete they can be printed or sent to a friend by email.

The imagination is let out to roam and play at this site.   
To try the electronic comics for yourself click here.  

Now if you’d rather work on paper there are many blank comics to print.
Here are a few samples.

Please let me know if your kids enjoy this. 

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Amy Friendlyshoe said...

This is so cool! Thanks for stopping by my blog tonight. See you on THL!

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