Thursday, June 30, 2011

Andy Andrews' Summer Camp

In conjunction with Andy Andrew's newest book, "The Final Summit," he has created an online summer camp.  He features a new famous person each week.  Whether you home educate or not, this is a great resource, and it makes for wonderful family discussion.  Our children will be curious for more information, and this is the time to head for the encyclopedia.  Older kids can read the biographies that Andrews recommends

Here's how it works:

Week 3 was focused on Winston Churchill.

He starts with the basic facts.

Then there is a ten minute youtube video where you can listen to Churchill's defining speech, given during World War II.

Quotes and Andy's take comes next.

Last but not least, he provides web links for further information and recommends a book or two.

You can go here and have the weekly Summer Camp sent to your email box: 

Hope you enjoy!

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