Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Questions That Made Us More Smarter - Earthworms

As many of you know, having children means being constantly bombarded with questions.  This inspired me to start a new series in Hammock Home School.  Each time my kids ask a question and we research to get the answer, I'll post the results here.

I am making light of this questioning behavior, but satisfying a curious nature is, in my opinion, the best way to educate  yourself.  These posts will serve as a resource that you can use if you get the same question or as a way to generate conversation with your children.

Here are the stars of the show and their stats:

The Wonder Boy 

Age - 10 yrs
Favorite Classes - Geography and Story of the World
Enjoys - Legos, fishing, snake wrangling, and riding his bike

The Wonder Girl

Age - 5 yrs
Favorite Class - Math
Favorite Activities - puzzles, coloring, swimming and pretending about anything

Question -
The first question came from the Wonder Girl and she wanted to know:
What do Earthworms eat?

As they burrow, they consume soil, extracting nutrients from decomposing organic matter like leaves and roots.

And then we learned so much more.

Here are the links if you'd like to learn about Earthworms, too!

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