Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Puzzle Website

My youngest daughter just adores playing with puzzles.  When she was younger and not yet in "school," I would keep her occupied with puzzles, so that I could teach the older children.  She was delighted to the point of giddy when I discovered this website that involves all the fun of puzzles without needing a puzzle. This is the perfect way for her to play with puzzles on the go.

You begin by picking the animal puzzle and whether you'd like it to be an easy or advanced.

And then they just drag the pieces over to the puzzle tray.  When they drop a piece into the proper place is makes a clicking noise.  If it is placed in the incorrect place then there is no audible response and the piece continues to look out of place.

In easy mode there are fewer pieces.

To make any puzzle less complicated click the grid button.  This shows the shapes of each piece in a faint outline.

Hope you enjoy and Happy Puzzling!

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