Monday, September 12, 2011

Oral Language Lessons

I am a big fan of memory work for younger children.  I find that they can easily memorize lots of information and as they get older this will not be the case.  We memorize poems, parts of speech, books of the Bible, states and capitals, and much more.  This small spiral bound book, "Oral Language Exercises" capitalizes on the ability for a child to memorize grammar through repetition.  They do not memorize exact sentences, rather they learn usage.

Many times grammar doesn't sound right to a child, and that is because they have heard or used it incorrectly.  By hearing these short lessens read over and over again they will hear it used in the correct manner and then it sounds right and comes naturally to them when they write.

One lesson is introduced each week.

Unit 1 - Use of the Nominative Case Pronouns in Compound Subjects

Then Exercise 1.1 is read out loud twice on Monday.
The pattern for the week: 1.2  -  Tuesday, 1.3 - Wednesday, 1.4 - Thursday, 1.5 - Friday

After four units the fifth week reviews the previous units, and then there is a Checkpoint test.  The test is broken into sections appropriate for the grade of your child.  This book can be repeated each year for grades 1-6.

This only takes 5-7 minutes each day to complete Oral Language Lessons.  Over a few years I think this small investment will reap large rewards, in their writing.

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This looks great. I have a Memory Monday Meme up that I would love for you to join in with.

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