Friday, September 9, 2011

What Comes Next

My first grader has been using the What Comes Next learning tool for two years now.    

There are six sets of tiles and the goal is to place the pictures in the order in which they would have happened.

When she was younger I would reduce the series to three tiles.  Now she organizes all six tiles chronologically.

When she is finished I have her point to each tile and tell me the story one frame at a time.  I encourage her to use new words and more specific nouns or synonyms so that her language has variety.

Then I jot down her tale on a dry erase board so that she can see it in writing.

This is a pre-writing activity that helps a child convert their thoughts into logical narratives.  Our "What Comes Next" by Rose Art has survived two children and I think it is a nice break from learning with worksheets.  My daughter enjoys this so much that sometimes she will bring me the box and ask me to play  on the weekends.

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