Thursday, November 3, 2011

Savannah's Home School Writing Prompts Link Up Party - November 3

1.  What are you reading in your house?  What are your kids reading?  Share and spread the word so we can add some new books to our "gotta read list."

2.  Change: What small adjustments have you made in your daily school schedule that has really paid off?

3.  Do you do nature studies?  What does that look like in your home school?  Do your children write about this experience?  Is art included?  Write a post about this and share some insight.

I look forward to reading your up below!

Highlights from last week...

This is a super cute book about a T-Rex who is trying to figure out a scary costume for Halloween, and tries on all manner of costume before finally deciding on the scariest... (from Adventures in Mommydom)

We glued felt shapes on our pumpkins. This was a fun and easy way for a toddler to decorate a pumpkin. (from Grandma Bonnie's)

We made caramel apples covered with cinnamon white chocolate…YUM!  (from Sonshine Classical Academy)

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