Sunday, December 4, 2011

Chapter Books for Children that I Enjoyed Reading as an Adult

Long before I ever considered home schooling my children, I read to them regularly.  We've enjoyed so many novels through the years that I thought I would share a few that have recently captivated us.  My hope is that you will add to this list.  And if you are shopping for Christmas these would make great gifts.

Little House Books - I just love learning how they lived in this much simpler way of life.  They were totally dependent on their own skills and willingness to work.  Mother's made bread and butter, gardened, and took care of the kids, without any battery operated swings or safety devices.  I feel at ease and oddly peaceful when reading about life for the Ingalls.

Chronicles of Narnia - I found this series completely by accident in the library during my 8th grade year.  My beliefs as a Christian soared during the months it took me to finish this series.  My father had died that year and the idea of a loving god-like lion named Aslan struck a cord with me.

Island of the Blue Dolphins - My mother read this book to me when we lived in Miami.  I was fascinated by the idea of a young girl becoming stranded on an island, after hunters stole her family, and how she managed to survive.  I remember thinking..."Would I have made it?"

Redwall - This series about a special forest where the animals fight evil, is very magical.  When I read it I disappear into a world of honor and courage and the characters behave in such a way that they create in me a desire to do what is right, although it may be the more difficult route.

Charlotte's Web - Don't we all need a Charlotte?  I know my days would be so much better if a quiet and peaceful voice reassured me, form the spider web in my kitchen, that things would be okay.  This simple story offers children a picture of loving devotion, as seen between Wilbur and Charlotte, humor in the crazy barnyard characters, and a picture of how farm life transpires.  If you are reading this with your children you should check out this site for a great unit study.

So, what children's books do you love enough to recommend to an adult?
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