Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This weekly post is a Wednesday tradition here at Hammock Home School.  There are two ways to enjoy this mid-week event.

If you home educate and would like to learn from others scroll down to the writing prompts section below and click on the links to read what others have written. 

If you write your own blog and you'd like to add your link:

1.  Review the prompts posted here, on Monday and select which ones you want to write about.
2.  Write and post to your own blog.
3.  Wednesday check back here and link up with me.
4.  Read other posts by home school mothers and learn from the community.
5.  Each of these posts will stay open for new additions for one year.  Please click on the tab - Savannah's Home School Writing Prompts to read the archive or add your link.

1.  Favorite Children's Novel - List five children's books that you read to your children that were so good you could recommend them to an adult.
2.  Advent Calendar - Do you give one to your children?  Is it homemade?  Have you purchased a really nice one that you'd like to share with us?  
3.  Christmas Ornaments - Do you make them?  Have your children created any that you can share with us?
4.  Morning Schedule - List the important steps to getting the kids up, dressed, fed and ready to start school.  Do you lay out clothes the night before?  Do you make breakfast simple?  What makes your day start off well?

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