Savannah's Home School Writing Prompts

How it works:

1.   Review the prompts posted on Monday and select the ones relevant to you.
2.  Write a post concerning that topic on your own blog.
3.  On Wednesday check back here and link up with me.
4.  Read other posts by home school mothers and learn from the community.
5.  All of the blog hops stay open for one year.  So scan the previous posts, and see if there is anything there you would like to learn from, or maybe you'd rather contribute.  Its never to late!

Writing Prompts for February 15th

1.  Snacks During School - I find that I cannot feed my children enough during school.  What do you give them to munch on between meals?  Do you have a favorite cookie recipe that you serve after school?  Share recipes and snack tips that keep kids energized and their brains working.
2.  Show and Tell - Whatever your children are doing post about it and let us see their projects, awards, missing teeth, new hair cuts etc.
3.  Teaching Independence - How do you teach your children to be independent?  What small and practical steps do you take?  Have you made mistakes?  Please share what you've learned.
4.   Gardens - Have you planted your seeds in pots in preparation of spring?  Are you looking through and designing new flower gardens?  Share you gardening plans and what you are doing new or old this year.

1. School on the Run - Do you utilize time spent riding in the car or during a siblings ballet practice to teach your children?  How do you organize this and what subjects do you find work well on the run?
2. Family Game Night - What game has your entire family enjoyed the most?  Do you have games that can be played during school?  If so, which ones educate enough to be school worthy?
3. Valentine's Day Worksheets or activities - Where do you go for fun holiday worksheets that involve hearts, candies, cupid and roses?  Do you have any crafts planned?  Baking ideas?
4.  Children's Magazine Subscriptions - How many do you have?  Which do you enjoy the most?  Will you be giving any for Christmas and if you could only give one, which would it be?

1.  Favorite Children's Novel - List five children's books that you read to your children that were so good you could recommend them to an adult.
2.  Advent Calendar - Do you give one to your children?  Is it homemade?  Have you purchased a really nice one that you'd like to share with us?  
3.  Christmas Ornaments - Do you make them?  Have your children created any that you can share with us?
4.  Morning Schedule - List the important steps to getting the kids up, dressed, fed and ready to start school.  Do you lay out clothes the night before?  Do you make breakfast simple?  What makes your day start off well?

November 30 - Click here to read all of the information on the following topics.

1.  Thankful Activities - Have your children done projects this week to focus on what they have to be thankful for, in their lives?  Share your strategies.
2.  Traveling with Children - Are you going "over the hill and through the woods to Grandmother's house," this week?  What do you do to pass the time with your children?  Do they play video games, watch TV, or are there learning activities planned?  
3.  Are you decorating for Christmas?  Take some pictures and share them, then link up.  Everyone enjoys seeing what others do to make their home festive!

November 13 - click here to read all of the information on the following topics.

1.  Science Projects - Write about a time when you had a fabulously successful science project.  Or turn the table and tell of a time when it went horribly wrong.
2.  Memory Work - Do you do it?  Why? or Why not?  How do you organize what your child is memorizing?  How many works do they memorize each week?  Share your memory knowledge.
3.  Home School Live - Take some pictures of your children working this week.  Post them and tell us what they are busy doing.  
4.  Thanksgiving Projects - Are you working on any?  Share them tell us why you chose them.

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