Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Growing an Independent Child; An Introduction - HS Writer's Workshop

Although none of us give birth to a child with the intention of keeping them in our house as our baby forever, we don't always take the necessary steps to walk them into independence.  I think this may be one of our biggest challenges as parents.  I am in no way an expert in this, and my reason for writing this series is to promote conversation and pool our resources in the process.  

There are many facets that help grow our children to strong and capable adults.  Here are a few I consider to be at the top of the list. 

1. Organization - We all know how hard it is to be successful in life when we live in chaos.  The format we use maybe be different to each of us, but we all have to control clutter, assemble and delegate responsibilities, and create to-do lists. 

2.  Faith - Life is not predictable or in our control.  Children wake up one day, sometimes sooner for some than others, and realize that their parents cannot make everything better.  With a faith in God children are empowered to walk through their days.

4.  Personal Strengths/Purpose - Knowing your strengths combined with a strong sense of purpose propels us toward our goals.

5.  Personal Weaknesses/Responsibility - Teaching our children to be responsible for their actions empowers them to live life and learn from their mistakes.

6.  Respect - Not only do I think we need to teach children to respect others, but also themselves.  They will stumble and they need to get up and work through it.

7.  Practical Application - ie. Creating opportunities, refusing to rescue, pushing when necessary

What would you add to this list?  Check back over the next few weeks as we discuss this topic.

And now...

Join us in the Home School Writer's Workshop

Link up a story on any of the following topics:

1.  Snacks During School - I find that I cannot feed my children enough during school.  What do you give them to munch on between meals?  Do you have a favorite cookie recipe that you serve after school?  Share recipes and snack tips that keep kids energized and their brains working.
2.  Show and Tell - Whatever your children are doing post about it and let us see their projects, awards, missing teeth, new hair cuts etc.
3.  Teaching Independence - How do you teach your children to be independent?  What small and practical steps do you take?  Have you made mistakes?  Please share what you've learned.
4.   Gardens - Have you planted your seeds in pots in preparation of spring?  Are you looking through and designing new flower gardens?  Share you gardening plans and what you are doing new or old this year.

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