Tuesday, February 14, 2012

BBC History for Kids

The BBC has created an informative and interactive site to supplement the study of history.  They offer games and quizzes that challenge children to reinforce what they have learned about the history of man, as well as allowing them the opportunity to dig in and become a part of a given time period.  This site is comprehensive and offers far more than I can cover here, but I have highlighted a few below.  One thing is for sure, our family will be back to this free resource through the year, as our study of history progresses.

Mummy Maker was a favorite of mine and I didn't want to move over and let the kids have the mouse, so they could play the game.  You are given three lives as you help embalm an Egyptian in preparation for the afterlife.  What fun!

Also in the study of Egypt one can build a pyramid.  After being commissioned by the king and asking favor from the gods, the location must be chosen.

And of course the angle must be chosen carefully.

We also enjoyed the game "Muck and Brass," where you are the assistant to a town mayor who made his fortune in cotton during the industrial revolution.  

In this game one quickly learns that all decisions have consequences and saving money now by refusing to install a new sewer system, may cost the mayor more in the long run.

My son also enjoyed the section dedicated to the history of weapons.

And the site is full of informational snippets complete with follow up quizzes.

The only draw back to this site is that a few of the links are dead or lead to areas of the BBC site that are a little more cumbersome to use and enjoy.  But all in all, this is a spectacular supplement to the study of history.

Click here to continue on to BBC History For Kids.
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