Monday, February 13, 2012

How it works:

1.   Review the prompts posted on Monday and select the ones relevant to you.
2.  Write a post concerning that topic on your own blog.
3.  On Wednesday check back here and link up with me.
4.  Read other posts by home school mothers and learn from the community.
5.  All of the blog hops stay open for one year.  So scan the previous posts, and see if there is anything there you would like to learn from, or maybe you'd rather contribute.  Its never to late!

Writing Prompts for February 15th

1.  Snacks During School - I find that I cannot feed my children enough during school.  What do you give them to munch on between meals?  Do you have a favorite cookie recipe that you serve after school?  Share recipes and snack tips that keep kids energized and their brains working.
2.  Show and Tell - Whatever your children are doing post about it and let us see their projects, awards, missing teeth, new hair cuts etc.
3.  Teaching Independence - How do you teach your children to be independent?  What small and practical steps do you take?  Have you made mistakes?  Please share what you've learned.
4.   Gardens - Have you planted your seeds in pots in preparation of spring?  Are you looking through and designing new flower gardens?  Share you gardening plans and what you are doing new or old this year.
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