Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Section on Hammock Home Tracks Home School - Who Home Schools?

Our home school family.  Except the oldest who is in college and the dogs.
Who Home Schools?

There are many different kinds of families who home educate for a variety of reasons.  Some use a purchased curriculum and some do not.  Some parents teach their children at home for religious reasons, and others do it because they believe they can provide a superior education.  So what does your home school family look like?  This new section on Hammock Tracks Home School will be devoted to interviewing home school families, with a goal towards shedding some light on the many faces of home schoolers.  If you'd like to take part in this weekly post email me at

If you have a blog I will link it at the close of the interview.  If you'd rather not be identified, your post can be anonymous.  Lastly, if you were home educated and are now grown, I would appreciate getting your input, too.

Click here for the "Who Homeschools?" interview questions.
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