Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Savannah's Home School Writing Prompts - February 29th

Here are the writing prompts for the blog link-up.  From now on I'll be emailing these to anyone who is interested, on Fridays.  That way you will have all weekend and the early part of the week to write your post and link back on Wednesday.  To receive the prompts by email scroll to the end of this post.

Writing Prompts for February 29th:

1.  Victory! - Share a time when you rounded the corner, everything clicked and your child accomplished a previously impossible task, whether it was reading, algebra, or a writing skill. This is when home education is sweetest, and it is great to hear when this has happened to other home school parents.  This prompt inspired by Monkey Munch Homeschool.

2.  Home School Fill In - Fill in the blanks, add a picture and post it.

Some days I_________.
I adore  ________ but________.
Home schooling ___________ and _____________.
If I could change one thing__________.

3.  Sewing - Have you taught your children to sew?  Write a post featuring one of their newest projects.  This prompt inspired by Kids, Cookies and Cocoa.

4.  Routines - Can we ever learn enough about this topic?  I am always searching for new ways to improve our school and home routine.  If you've learned a new trick please write about it and link up on Wednesday.  This prompt inspired by Mommy Y.

To receive Savannah's Home School Writing Prompts on Friday:

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