Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Free Online Resource - Cosmic Quest from The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

This is such a cool site and my kids enjoyed playing with and learning from it.  I would suggest Cosmic Quest for grades k-4th grade.  The solar information page would be a great introduction to space study for any age.

We started on the Living in Space page, where you make decisions regarding the building of the new space station.

This included solving problems regarding human waste, what to eat, power supply and solid waste.

In the field guide section the planetary probes are explained in great detail.

As I mentioned the solar system introduction provided at Cosmic Quest would be a great way to kick of a unit study on space.

The history of space study is also provided with detailed biographies of astronomers, through the ages.

Cosmic Quest from The Children's Museum of Indianapolis is easy to read and we started the school day by meandering through it.  If you are studying space or would like to take a moment to relax and enjoy a little space knowledge, grab your children and spend a few minutes exploring Cosmic Quest.

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