Monday, February 20, 2012

Home School Writing Prompts - Link Up on Wednesday Feb 22

How it works:

1.   Review the prompts posted on Monday and select the ones relevant to you.
2.  Write a post concerning that topic on your own blog.
3.  On Wednesday check back here and link up with me.
4.  Read other posts by home school mothers and learn from the community.
5.  All of the blog hops stay open for one year.  So scan the previous posts, and see if there is anything there you would like to learn from, or maybe you'd rather contribute.  Its never to late!

February 22

1.  Tea Parties - Do you enjoy these with your children?  Share memories of this quiet and delectable times, and if you have recipes post those, too.

2. Children's Books - What are you reading with your children these days? Have you found a new picture book that they want to read over and over?  Or maybe you read a novel out loud and they couldn't wait to hear it every day.  
3.  Home School Fill In - Fill in the blanks, add a picture and post it.

Some days I_________.
I adore  ________ but________.
Home schooling ___________ and _____________.
If I could change one thing__________.

4.  Handwriting - Is it a priority for you?  Do you teach cursive? What programs have/do you like to use?  At what age do you begin to focus on writing?

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