Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Virtual Field Trip - Making a Chocolate Bar; A Virtual Field Trip

I am envious of those who live near large metropolitan areas because I know that they have so many more field trip type opportunities for their children.  Imagine my joy when I found a virtual field trip that illustrates how cocoa is grown, harvested and converted to chocolate bars.  What a winning combination, chocolate and a field trip!  This process is a long and complicated one and as a result it has only increased my appreciation for truffles.

The field trip from the Field Museum is very interactive.  Early on a machete is used to crack open the pods.

And then placed under banana leaves to ferment.

The steps not only cover the science of the tree and the bean, but also elaborates on the chocolate making process in great detail.

This 12 step program is a lot of fun and it left me wanting some rich chocolate.

To try it with your children - click here.

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