Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Teacher Directed vs. Student Directed Learning and Savannah's Home School Writing Prompts

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Some days I forget how much learning can be done without any text books or a pre-arranged and scheduled school day.

I adore teaching my children but I sometimes forget how my real goal is to impart a love of learning, and instead I become the giver of all information and instruction.  This is just the opposite of my heart's desire.  How hard it is to teach with structure in order to learn phonics and forever building math concepts, and then convert to a free range style of learning, where the children direct the teaching.  This week we have been in Atlanta on a number of different organized and unorganized field trips.  In the photo above they are on a bridge near the historic Roswell Mill.  I was reminded of how much natural learning transpires when we take a time out, and explore.  We have touched on the Trail of Tears, company stores, land lotteries, the science of water power, tenant farming, and much more while venturing out to this site.  All of this has created a desire to return home, look these items up at the library, and learn more.  And that is true learning, the kind that we never out grow.

Homeschooling is the best and most fulfilling thing I've ever done and the most difficult task I've ever signed up for.  This is why when friends say that they are going to hire me to teach their children at home I jokingly reply, "You cannot afford me!"

If I could change one thing I would have a separate school house.  We would report to school early in the morning, complete our assignments, and then close the door and go home at the end of the day.  Of course this wouldn't be a perfect arrangement, as we would be unable to sit in front of the fire to complete lessons, in the living room on cold days.  But, I wouldn't be tempted to complete laundry and do other chores while teaching at the same time, either.  Would it be home school if we had our own school house?

Okay, it is your turn.  Pick one of the following to write about and link up your post, below.

1.  Tea Parties - Do you enjoy these with your children?  Share memories of this quiet and delectable times, and if you have recipes post those, too.
2. Children's Books - What are you reading with your children these days? Have you found a new picture book that they want to read over and over?  Or maybe you read a novel out loud and they couldn't wait to hear it every day.  
3.  Home School Fill In - Fill in the blanks, add a picture and post it.
Some days I_________.
I adore  ________ but________.
Home schooling ___________ and _____________.
If I could change one thing__________.
4.  Handwriting - Is it a priority for you?  Do you teach cursive? What programs have/do you like to use?  At what age do you begin to focus on writing?

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